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 [NEW]Bot v 0.2.1[Freeware] updated!

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PostSubject: [NEW]Bot v 0.2.1[Freeware] updated!   Tue Aug 31, 2010 2:26 am

okay im reposting this with dl link,i sayd i wasnt advertising in last post but wha'tha'heck

this bot has atm only auto login ,it works logins upto ingame Known bugs: Character select-if u want it to login wit 1st char then enter 6 in the box.

Dont forget to scan files![if u dont trust this upload..
Force Hacks - Cabal Online Bot 0.2.1

This new version 0.2 now has auto kill : grey mobs
auto heal = put pots into '=' slotuse resolution = 1024x768font arial bold =14.0

0.2.1 version now has abillitie to attack yellow mobs
fixed bug to enter in char box

Set now ingame these

auto heal = put pots into '=' slot
use resolution = 1024x768font arial bold =14.0Effects = 0

happy playing! for more info read help!

Bot v 0.2.1
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[NEW]Bot v 0.2.1[Freeware] updated!
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