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 [Guide] BOI Speed Hack with

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PostSubject: [Guide] BOI Speed Hack with    Tue Aug 31, 2010 2:16 am

Increasing speed in Battle of the Immortal
using Cheat Engine

If you don’t want to use any debugger and reverse the game, you can use Cheat Engine to in-crease char speed..
Here you find explanation how to find necessary value.

before continuing be sure that your character has any buffs, items,
mount, other stuff which can change char speed, otherwise it will be
difficult to find proper value

Start CE and attach it to “game.exe” (main executable module of the BOI).

don’t know the exact speed value, so we choose scan type “Unknown
initial value” and value to find as float and click “First scan”. We got
bulk amount of addresses

we must sift out all useless data. Return to the game and mount horse,
use buffs etc., do something to change char speed. In CE use “Increased
value” for scan type.

Continue sifting out data: move around, move camera, but do not un-mount -> find “Unchanged value”.

And so on…

hint: if there are lots of negative values or zero values we can
without doubt remove all of them by using scan type “Value between” and
choosing value in rang from 1 to 10.

After that operation we sifted out more then 80% useless addresses and got only several valid addresses:

all found addresses are in same memory region and they are changing
their value only if speed of the char is changed. Let’s increase value
of each address.
The first one is speed, the last address is animation speed.

that the speed 7 for un-mounted char is max (maybe 7.5, but 7 is
ideal), and 11-12 for mounted char. Speed higher than values above will
cause char push back.
Now you can choose proper speed for your
situation, and, as usual, be aware when you use high speed in crowded
places, - other players always can betray you.

Second note:
found addresses are dynamical and will be valid only for current client
instance (even current realm and server). After re-login, changing realm
you must repeat finding process.
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PostSubject: Re: [Guide] BOI Speed Hack with    Sat Jun 09, 2012 9:54 pm

with cheat engine doesn't work cause of server time... U'll be faster but server will return u back cause time is passing normaly.
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[Guide] BOI Speed Hack with
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