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 [Bot] BIOBB Modification

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PostSubject: [Bot] BIOBB Modification    Tue Aug 31, 2010 2:13 am

BIOBB Modification
Modified 0xDEC0DE bot for Battle of the Immortal made by My420Time Source


  • AutoFood: when hp or mana is low
  • AutoPot: when hp or mana is low
  • AutoDC: when hp is low
  • Attack: It attacks and with skills
  • Timed Button: Hits button every so often
  • Target Filter: only attack what you want it to
  • Zone: Stays within a certain zone
  • Statistics: simple statistics of predicted time to level
  • Works with BOI screen minimized
  • Supports multiple accounts, you just need to select a different name on the list and set up the options for that character.
  • Crusade Quest

Options Explained
Current Character: The Character which you are modifying the bot settings for, also which process the bot will run on.

Attacking Skills

  • Normal Attack: The action bar key your normal attack is on
  • Skill Key 1-4: The action bar key your desired skill is on
  • Wait (ms): The amount of time (in miliseconds) to wait after engaging in a battle before using this skill
  • CD (ms):
    The Cool Down of this skill (in milliseconds), this prevents spamming
    of buttons, also i would suggest adding some extra time to the actual
    cool down to compensate for lag

Timed Buttons

  • Key 1-4: The desired key of timed button 1-4
  • Miliseconds: The amount of time to wait to hit the timed button

Character Health and Mana

  • Hp To DC: The maximum Hp before the bot ends the process, basically a disconnect button.
  • Hp Threshold: The Hp the bot hits Hp Food at.
  • Hp Food Key: The action bar key that Hp food is on
  • Hp Pot Key: The action bar key that Hp pot is on
  • Mp Threshold: The Mp the bot hits Mp Food at.
  • Mp Food Key: The action bar key that Mp food is on
  • Mp Pot Key: The action bar key that Mp pot is on

Pet Health and Mana

  • Pet Pot Key: The action bar key that pet pots is located on
  • Hp Threshold: The bot will hit Pet Pot key when your pet's Hp is below this
  • Mp Threshhold: The bot will hit Pet Pot key when your pet's mana is below this

Target Filter

  • Target
    Names: It won't attack any monster that don't match the inputed text.
    If nothing is in them then the bot attacks all targets.
  • Don't Attack Lords: The bot won't attack lords.
  • Don't Attack Already Tagged: The bot won't attack monsters that are already being attacked by someone else.


  • Center X: The X coordinate of where you want to stay around
  • Center Y: The Y coordinate of where you want to stay around
  • Range
    X: If your character's current X is outside of (Center X) -(Range X)
    then he'll head back into it. If left blank you roam freely
  • Range
    Y: If your character's current Y is outside of (Center Y) -(Range Y)
    then he'll head back into it. If left blank you roam freely
  • Diamond: When the bot goes out of range and heads back it'll start to attack once its back into range
  • Point: When the bot goes out of range and heads back it'll start to attack once it gets to the exact center of the zone.

Crusade Order Quest

  • Bag
    Slot: The Slot Number of the scroll, if your not smart enough to read
    this then your going to put a number higher than it needs to be, its
    index based meaning that the first bag slot is 0 the second is 1, third
    is 2 and so on.
  • Target Name Exact: The exact target name, Case sensitive... just copy from the target name filter using the "this" button
  • Scroll Count: The amount of scrolls you want to bot to do.
  • Sleep #1: Delay before completing crusade.
  • Sleep #2: Delay before hitting Esc key on completing the crusade.
  • Attack Sleep: Delay to stop the attack thread so that we don't open the Menu screen with Esc key.

Bot Timeout
Close BoI After X Miliseconds: The bot will end the BoI process after this many seconds


  • Almost all of the options can be left blank if you don't need them, just mess around with it and find out what works for you
  • You probably need to run this with "run as admin"
  • NOTE: Doesn't Loot...
  • Requires: .Net 4.0 Framework and Microsoft visual c 2010 runtime


  • Tweaked the Hp/Mp Thread some more to address issues.
  • Changed the click amount from Posidean/Crusade to One/Two.
  • Consolidated all the timeout stuff into one thread for performance.
  • Various clean up of code throughout the bot getting it ready for a new stable release.

  • Changed the offset updater to check for offsets every 7 days.
  • Moved Exp Stats to a thread.
  • Added PctExp & PctExpStart to the bot.
  • Added "Use on Start" option to timed buttons. I use it for buffs.
  • Updated scroll options.

  • Put in more checks so that mounting/crusades and such run smoother.
  • Added Use Scroll on Start option.
  • Added option to change the kill count for scroll quests.
  • Played with the Mana/Hp Thread to try to make heals better.
  • Changed Health and Mana thresholds to percents.
  • Changed Health Disconnect to a percent.
  • Changed the cool downs in Food and Pots from statics to a menu option.
  • Added the option to use your XP Skill at 1000 rage.
  • Cleaned up the Health Options Tab.
  • Added Town portal to town after X Minutes.
  • Changed Bot Timeout from Seconds to Minutes.
  • Added Always on Top option.
  • Tweaked the mount buff.

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[Bot] BIOBB Modification
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