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PostSubject: leaked multihack (EU)   Sun Jul 17, 2011 9:03 pm

Here you go, all new, leaked Multihack from our site specially for this forum


Read carefully. EU only.

It's features:
- speedhack (removes skill cooldown)
- guaranteed alz bomb (intercepts server response containing loot info and modifies it - gaining 100% chance of alz bomb)
- god mode (locks your health, making you invincible)
- PK penalty removed (...making pwning noobs possible forever without limitations)

That's all in this "beta" release. Full version, shortly availible on our site will have more features. It's look will be changed too, and it's name - heard of Terminator hack? v2 is coming... )

virus scan: (false positive 4 times - probably because of injection function)
VirusTotal - Free Online Virus, Malware and URL Scanner

This IS beta, so we'd like to get a feedback from as many people as possible to help it make better when released. (tested on win7 and winXP - 32 and 64 bit systems)
It also contains some brand new features, like auto logging, since many of our users reported being disconnected. Therefore, program will request your account details. We respect your privacy, so it will be constantly encrypted inside the program.

For more information, read the guide inside the program or visit our website.

If you find any bugs or errors - let us know and we'll most likely be able to solve it.

Cheers. Wink
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