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PostSubject: SpamEasyGod    Wed Sep 01, 2010 9:20 pm

Sup niggaz.
Spamming is fucking awesome! Troy.. I was right >Very Happy.. <3
This DLL is FUCKING awesome!
Numberpad 1 = Refill hp and ap to 200@spam (message) = Ingame spam messageAlt Y = Help menuAlt G = GodmodeALT W = Wall HackALT S = Speed Hack
NOTE!!! For Numberpad 1 = Refill hp and ap to 200, YOU MUST HAVE NUMBER LOCK ON!


Use "@spam" IN-GAME only.How to use @spam. Example: @spam ^1fuckWhen your spamming and you want to stop, Type anything you want and it will stop.

The godmode was mainly for people that want it (AKA for quests or what ever the fuck you use it for...)
Refill hack was for making it look like your hp and ap does go down.. but then refills? Ah what the fuck.. Its still bad. >Very Happy

I have put an injector for all you fuckers. It DOES detect a false positive. So don't get a boner over it cause its harmless.I
didn't really want to include an injector cause lots of you noobs keep
saying its a virus but ill be generous enough to include the shit.

How to inject:

1) Start DarKGunZ normally through the GunzLauncher.
2) Get into the lobby then Alt tab out(minimize the game).
3) Open the injector. (For Vista or windows 7, right click and open as administrator.
4) Click Load DLL and find SpamEasyGod.dll.
5) Under the load dll shit, type "Gunz.exe" (without the "" ofc..) in name of process.
6) Check the Use Watch box and you will get a popup saying it injected, followed by gamerzplanet webpage opening.
7) Go back to darkgunz and press alt y for the information.
Have fun!!

Spam Easy
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