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 [FXP] Weapon Effects + Rank Mods

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PostSubject: [FXP] Weapon Effects + Rank Mods    Tue Aug 31, 2010 2:39 am

Hi all! It's been quite long since my group started working for you all and GamerzPlanet. It is our 4th Month Anniversary, and we've released 22 skins!
I've decided to share our victory with you all.Two different releases here! Although I did not make all of this, I did add in some extras.I made some of it only (: Hope you enjoy!Don't say that I leech! If I see one reply saying that I leech all the download links will be taken off.Remember to Rep me!
Release No. 23Type:

Original Screenshots

Spark From Gun [Rifle Only]

Toy Gun Flashlight [All Weapons]

Thunder Flash

The Milky Way

OK I love this one I made this!

When you throw a grenade, there will not be an explosion but instead a PHOENIX appears!

1. Download the edited GVI by Frederick and the effect.
2. Place that in your SA Folder.
3. Click Yes to Replace.
4. Start Sudden Attack.
5. Start > Run > %TEMP%
6. Inside the %TEMP% folder, keep refreshing till a 8 random letter folder appears.
7. Take note of the SA launcher. When it reaches 30% ~ 60% of update progess exit the launcher but leave the popup on.
8. Enter the 8 letter folder.
9. Enter the 'fx' folder.
10. Enter the 'EFFECT_SPRITES' folder.
11. Enter the DTX folder.
12. Copy and paste all the .DTX into there. Click Yes to Replace.
13. Go back to the SA launcher and click No. Continue the patch and start SA.

Modified GVI by MeSpark From GunToy Gun FlashlightThunder FlashThe Milky WayPhoenix Grenade
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[FXP] Weapon Effects + Rank Mods
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