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 [Release] CA Hacks Injector

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PostSubject: [Release] CA Hacks Injector   Tue Aug 31, 2010 2:33 am

Once Downloaded its RECOMMENDED that you download the new version from the file to avoid fake copies that include viruses

Injector Requires:
Framework 4.0

Important Info:
If Windows Vista/7 Run as Admin
Don't Include .exe in process name

Currently working on:
-Windows 64 compatible
-Simple GUI Function
-fixing auto close for manual inject

Update: 1.3:
- Had to remove Update check
- New settings menu at top left
- Option To browse for an application and start it
- Application Start Up includes a save option and auto start option
(On Start up the program will ask you if you want to start the app, Options: Yes, No)
(Takes Seconds to start combat arms with injection)

Update 1.2:
-Saves the Dll file, trying to add more
-If Combat Arms is doing an update the Program will warn you then Close after OK
-Fixed spelling error

Update 1.1:
-Whatever process you had running last will show up automatically on start up
-Program Automatically asks to Run As Admin
-Faster Way to update Injector

-5 preset processes in a drop down menu for fast selecting
-Add or Remove your own preset into combobox drop down menu using & -
-Search Button which brings up a list of all processes with the option to quick save to presets
-Browse for dll, Remove dll, Clear dll list
-Option to right click on dll list to select Remove or Browse (Makes adding/removing Faster)
-Auto Close (Closes after injection)
-Option to choose Auto Inject or Manual Inject
-Check (This allows you to check the newest version so you can download at any time)
-Brand New GUI that is also movable and has small animation in eye when moved
will Create a Folder named BlackDragonInjector in the current directory
and inside that folder it will download the new version then a message
will appear saying "Thanks For Downloading!"

My Virus Scan: (Don't Trust other downloads if the injector is over 1MB, mine is 1MB)
Scan1: Virscan
Scan2: VirusTotal

Images: ... agram2.png
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[Release] CA Hacks Injector
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